Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, if it isn't HALLOWEENIE...

BOOOOOOO! That's all I've got because I truely hate the darn day. My mom hated it too. She passed that hatred to me. Thanks mom! Go eat candy, and LOTS of it!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

So, you probably want to know the meaning of my Blog Title: The Daze Ahead.

It's not confusing,'s just because I have felt like I have been in a DAZE for 2.5 years. The day my precious first born son passed away at the age of 19 changed my world like noone can imagine...unless maybe if you have had this type of loss suck the life out of you. I am so sorry for you if you are living my life, my hell, my nothing is normal, because it is not what one would wish upon a stranger, not even on an enemy. It sucks. I will get more into my thoughts on all of this, it's pretty much why I started this boggity blog thingy. That, and I plan to complain about my hubby...although he's pretty much of a rock, he's till a guy. :), this zoo full of creatures I live with, and continually look for sympathy on how much I miss my 2 college kids. If you continue to read, you are a saint, or perhaps you are hoping to learn something here...that would be cool, because then it would mean my life really matters! Imagine?!

Oh, and that picture above is me. :]

Why I am doing this blog thing

Well, I read blogs. Yup, I read strangers stories, feelings, day to day activities. I hear how they view life through their posts, photos and musings. Here, I will try to emulate that. No, I'm not going to copy other people's blogs, just give my own take on my days, thoughts and daily findings. Maybe I'm trying to find meaning in my life, maybe not. I will tell you one thing, this blog may be sad at times. I may get so good at it that I am able to write down some real feelings that may have been buried all my life. Sounds intense, huh? I'm not a drama queen, so you'll get none of that gossipy type of thing from me. Unless a real juicy scandal should fall in my lap itself, and then I'll have to indulge. What's a real girl going to do?

Well, I guess I need to start by roaming around and seeing what I can do to make this blog my very own. Lots to learn.... Let's see if I can post a picture?
Ook...that worked...sorta...that is my baby girl Caileigh(19 yo) pretty is she? I love her too much, if that is at all possible. I'm pretty sure it is. She makes me want to be better and keep living everyday!♥